Bee Kingdom


Drawings inspired by the fascinating kingdom of bees. I have fulfilled a life ambition in becoming a beekeeper and watch my bees as much as I can to learn about their marvellous ways. The honeybee is quietly important to our survival on this planet, my work is a celebratory thank you. 


Sadly there are many factors of the modern age that are harming the environment we live in and simultaneously causing the bees to die out. We should take this as a wake up call, if these beautiful insects cannot survive in the world we are shaping, maybe its no good for our species either. Bees pollinate a third of our food, including feed for livestock. Without their help our food choices would be dramatically reduced and prices would soar. I have begun illustrating a series of plants that rely solely on bees for pollination; these would vanish with the bees disappearance.


 There are many ways we can help the situation:

  • Buy organic (pesticide-free) produce

  • Plant bee-friendly herbs and wild flowers

  • Buy honey from a local beekeeper

  • Give a bee a home – a simple box for solitary bees or

  • Become a beekeeper

© 2018 Kim Rebecca

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